C129 Intimissima Galleria at Spazio Modu
C129 Exhibition

C129 Intimissima Galleria


C129 Intimissima Galleria is a project by Tersa developed starting from the use of “Alu Frame”, a frame specifically designed to fit inside the interior of old telephone booths.
Initially located in telephone booth number 129 in Cannara (Pg), C129 Intimissima Galleria began its activity in June 2023 with the aim of exploring the theme of intimacy in public space.
The gallery addresses this theme through photographic exhibitions in which only one photo is displayed. The intention is to prioritize, within the booth space, an intimate and direct relationship between the viewer and the artwork.
In the last months of 2023, after the Italian government ordered the removal of all telephone booths, C129 Intimissima Galleria transformed into a nomadic project based on the use of “Alu Frame” as support.